DAY #2

Welcome to DAY #2.  You did it!  Be encouraged.  

I'm sure by the end of DAY #1, you were feeling some kind of way.  Did you have a headache?  Feel lethargic?  Feel extra hungry?  Was your tongue white?  I know, gross!!  I mention these things because these are normal DAY #1 symptoms of detox.  But keep going... Your body is saying, "What in the world are you doing to me?"  And every toxin in your body is being challenged to leave.  This is why I strongly encourage you to drink plenty of water.  Drink water throughout the day in between meals.

In particular this morning upon rising, drink at least 24-32oz.  Why?  Well, your body is detoxing and the toxins need a way to flush themselves out of your body.  Make sense?

Ok, enough about toxins.  What are you all eating today?  What's your game plan?  If you have office parties or luncheons, have a plan?  If you are a Christian, know that the enemy is going to tempt you, try to discourage you, or infuse you with guilt or shame.  Just remember, you've already won.  Have fun, be gentle on yourself and ask me any question(s) that will help you.  You can do this.

Have a Healthy Day and know that I'm routing you on.  COMMENT below and share what you're eating, how you're feeling and what this has been like for you.