DAY #4

Welcome to DAY #4!  Alright, give yourself a big hug.  You are doing it.  I know by now, you've had plenty of chances to throw in the towel but you've endured.  Be encouraged.  Doing something like this is a challenge.  It tests us emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and especially physically.  But you are taking back your health.  You are placing health in your mouth day-after-day.  You are developing healthy rhythms and making deliberate choices.  Every day that you've made good choices matters.

Yesterday, I found myself hungrier than normal.  Not sure why but it was a tad challenging.  I usually do better when they are more in season fruits to eat.  Right now, the only fruit "in season" are apples.  That must be why I'm enjoying more smoothies than anything.

Anyway, I hope you have your meal plans all calculated and planned out for today.  What's for breakfast?  What's for lunch?  What's your go to snack?  What's for dinner?  As we near the end, consider finding a raw food restaurant that you can go to for a treat.  Also, tomorrow I'll be posting a strategy for transitioning off of the 5-DAY RAW FOOD CHALLENGE.

As always, please COMMENT here, and ask any questions that would help you finish strong.  I'm so encouraged by your efforts and the subsequent changes that you will see in your health.  Have a Healthy DAY #4 and celebrate your progress.