DAY #5

Welcome to DAY #5!  I'm sure when you first started this challenge, you had know idea what to expect and no clue of whether you'd finish it or not.  Well, you are almost there!  When you wake up on Saturday, September 30th, you'll be able to thankfully say, "I did it!"  

Keep in mind, that you are all winners!  Be proud of your accomplishments.  You've done your best!  Celebrate that!

Now, as you prepare for the next stage of your health journey, recognize that you have options and decisions to make.  Everyone does something different.  Here are a couple possible next steps starting tomorrow:

  • Set a date in your mind and continue eating raw until that day.
  • Eat a raw breakfast, a raw lunch and a cooked veggie dinner.
  • Eat a raw breakfast, a cooked lunch and dinner (including plenty of veggies).
  • Transition to eating a healthy breakfast, a salad or fruit for lunch and a cooked dinner.
  • Eat a raw breakfast, a raw lunch and a cooked dinner with organic meat...

Again, these are just suggestions for you to consider.  As you transition, ease into your new health rhythm.  Remember, you are cleaner on the inside, your stomach has shrunk, and your body is use to the most nutrient dense food on the planet.  

Also, be aware of guilt and shame.  These two things are tricky to deal with after something like this challenge.  Remember, that whatever you do is ok.  Be patient and gentle with yourself.  The challenge was five days, and you did it!  Don't allow your next steps to make you feel any other way than excited about your new outlook on what you have accomplished and your renewed perspective on healthy eating.  Let me know if I can help or answer any questions.

Tell me, what was this like for you?  What did you learn?  What's your plan going forward?

Thank you so much for joining me and others on this challenge.  I'll have more "reset" challenges in time.  For now, I'll post what I eat and prepare so that you will have ideas and recipe options.  Know that everything I post, I eat.  I don't post for show or to impress... I post to help you know that they are delicious and affordable ways to stay healthy, whole, and alive.

COMMENT below.  I'd love to stay connected.

Grace and peace,