Self-Care Plan?

During the week, all of us are guilty of looking forward to the weekend without a weekend plan. When I say, “plan” I’m not talking about things to do or get done. What I’m talking about is a self-care plan to make up for how we neglected ourselves during the week. In a day of grind and hustle, we miss taking full advantage of the weekend in order to re-order our lives around healthy self-care practices.

Think about what you ate this week. Think about how much water you drank or didn’t drink. Consider how many nights you stayed up past 12 midnight. Think about how many times you ate lunch on the go or in your lap driving. ;) Think about how fast you were going and the lack of stillness, silence and solitude.

Week after week, we convince ourselves that if I can just get to the weekend, I’ll do better or re-sync my rhythms and feel better. Well, the weekend comes and we get more tasks done but we miss our own personal self-care. And listen, it’s bigger than getting a manicure and a haircut.

Here are a few suggestions for you consider to develop a self-care plan for the weekend.

  1. Start planning for next week’s self-care plan on the Sunday prior. You will more than likely think specifically and holistically about self-care at the end of weekend rather than during a day of the week.

  2. Think about your need for rest, food, down-time, body care, recreation, friendships, and mental needs. With diminished sleep during the week, how much sleep do you plan to get on the weekend? Are you dehydrated? Consider a plan to drink more water. What will you do to have fun? How will you connect with friends and family members that you haven’t been able to regularly see?

  3. Fight for your self-care. Don’t allow distractions or people pleasing to run you ragged during the weekend. Turn off your cell phone for a few hours. People will be there when you turn it back on.

  4. Write your plan out and stick to it. The chances of you staying true to your plan without writing it down is slim. Write down your plan and not just your to-do list for the weekend. Consider the following categories for your plan: Sleep, Naps, Food, Water, Body Care, Recreation, Social and Mental.

  5. Interweave your to-do’s in with your self-care plan but prioritize your plan over your tasks. We are thrilled about being productive on the weekend but at what cost to our bodies? Keep after it. You’re worth it!

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