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Field Roast Sausage, Sprouted Rice & Sweet Potatoes

RecipesDwayne BondComment
Field Roast Sausage, Sprouted Rice & Sweet Potatoes

I stumbled upon this meal because it was all that I had in fridge the other night. I had sprouted rice and a few sausages and two sweet potatoes. Frankly, sometimes in this lifestyle, you don’t have the energy to prepare anything from scratch. What I’ll share here is a few ingredients to these staples that made it really delicious.

Check it out.


  • Cook the rice like you would typical rice (water/rice). But add the following ingredients to make it real special ;)

    • extra-virgin olive oil

    • coconut aminos

    • black pepper or cayenne

    • sea salt

    • cumin

    • turmeric

    • garlic powder

    • chopped red onions


  • Cube the sweet potatoes and add them to a large pan with grape seed oil (2-3 tbs). Add these ingredients to the potatoes once they begin to soften.

    • earth balance butter (1/2 tbs)

    • cinnamon

    • nutmeg

    • ginger powder

    • raw sugar or agave


  • For the sautéed green beans, please see my other post for the full recipe.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe and can consider adding a few of these ingredients to enliven your food this holiday season. If this post was helpful, please feel free to SHARE it with your family and friends or SHARE it on your social network platforms.

See you in 2019. Thank you for tracking with me in 2018. I hope I that I was able to serve you and spur you on to great health. There’s so much MORE to come in 2019. Remember everyone has the freedom to be healthy, whole and alive.