How can I lose weight?

As you know, diets don’t work but lifestyle changes do. In this post, I’m going to share honest suggestions for the person who wants to lose weight. You may say, “You’ve never had to lose weight.” Yes, you’re right. I haven’t had to lose weight but I have lost weight. Toward the end of 2017, I weighed 206 pounds. During this time, I knew that this wasn’t my ideal weight. I felt sluggish, dumpy and my blood pressure was high. I didn’t think about losing weight. I thought about getting healthy. I lost 24 pounds without trying. Check out my tips.

  1. Make your goal to get healthy, not lose weight. Simply dropping pounds is hard but getting healthy is easy.

  2. Get your eyes off of your external appearance and put your focus on your internal health. Working hard to look a certain way is harder than getting your internal body right.

  3. Choose quality of life over quantity of weight dropped. The quality of life will take you further than how many pounds you drop.

  4. Never forget that what you do on the inside will eventually show up on the outside without you having to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of stepping off and on the scale. What you do to benefit the inside of your body will reward your outer appearance.

  5. Divorce yourself from your old way of viewing food. See food as needed nutrients instead of emotional comfort. If food is a means of comforting you, there’s no way you are going to become healthy. Your emotions will always fluctuate. Don’t ride the rollercoaster. Food is nutrient-rich fuel.

  6. Vow to fill your body with plant-based food. Living food brings life. Processed food brings death. Living food makes you feel light. Processed food makes you feel heavy.

  7. Become a label reader. If what you’re eating has more than sugar or a chemical in the ingredients, stay away from it. Additionally, if it has more than two words that you can’t pronounce or know without looking the words up in a dictionary, put it back on the shelf and run away.

  8. Pick a nutrient-rich plant based breakfast, lunch and dinner that you can prepare and eat consistently. If food is too hard to prepare, you won't be consistent.

  9. Consider eating raw food for 7 days. This will reset your body and get you ready for a lifestyle shift.

  10. Stand your ground with your friends. Let them know that you want to shift your lifestyle. Eating at Chick-Fila with them is over. Although many would say that this restaurant is healthy, most of the food on the menu will fuel your discouragement with your weight. The #1-9, chicken sandwich and fries will put on fat pounds. You’ll have to find another healthy place to hang out with them.

  11. Find your go-to places to eat in advance as a backup. Frankly, every day, you are not going to want to make your lunch.

  12. Don’t stop until the work that you are doing on your insides shows up on the outside.

  13. Move… move… move… Walk throughout the day. Stretch your body.

  14. Hire a coach to walk with you.

I have more tips but I wanted to share a few with you. If you have specific questions or need coaching, let me know.

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