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In March, I partnered with church leaders in Liberia who had a heart to serve elementary kids who were orphans or came from poor families. Their intention was to feed a small number of kids consistently as funds became available. These kids were greatly impacted from the Ebola virus outbreak about five years ago. Currently, elementary-aged kids only receive one meal a day. As you can imagine, this is not sufficient for their physical or cognitive development.

Here are some sobering facts about Liberia:

  • The majority of Liberian families live on one meal a day. This means that families are too poor to provide breakfast and lunch for their kids. School-aged children go to school hungry every day and return home hungry.

  • The evening meal is the only food for the day comes between 5pm - 7pm for most families.

  • Liberia is currently in the worst economic crisis in its history, with inflation and unemployment unbelievably high.

  • Currently, Liberia ranks among the 10 poorest countries in the world. They are between #1-5, depending on which website you visit.

  • Liberia’s 12th graders massively fail at the regional exams each year since the war. One key reason is that children’s cognitive development is affected by hunger, poor nutrition and trauma.

  • Living Faith Academy is one of the 10 elementary schools by the Evangelical Church of Liberia. It is located in a village called Kpayaquelle.

  • Currently, ECOL is feeding 60 kids at Living Faith Academy. The next goal is to feed 90.

This is where you can help. By purchasing a shirt, you will send 20% of what you pay to ECOL to feed more children. You win twice. First, you get a cool shirt that displays and shares the hope that everyone can be healthy, whole and alive. Secondly, you are helping people of color that you don’t even know. In other words, you’re changing lives across the world. These are real kids and you are providing real solutions for their lives. Click this LINK and join the HWACARES family of world changers. Healthy Whole Alive is an empowerment brand that cares not just about its brand but people because every life matters. Follow @healthywholealive on Instagram and share this with your family and friends.

The world changes because people do something to change it.

Much love,