What type of water do I drink?

What type of water do I drink?

Many people ask me from time to time, what type of water I drink. Honestly, I’ve evolved over the years for several reasons. When I first began pursuing a health lifestyle, I was drinking reverse osmosis water. At the time, everyone was sold on the benefits of RO water. After a season, I switched to distilled. I can remember my Sears distiller like it was yesterday. I bought it for $99 in 1994. We would make so much distilled water that the machine would run constantly. It was really good water. And I felt so affirmed in drinking it because most of the voices of holistic health during that time were drinking it too. However, due to the pace of life, I went back to reverse osmosis and even spring water. I moved from jugs to bottled water. Convenience became a higher priority than the quality of water that I was drinking.

At one point, we transitioned to reverse osmosis filters in my refrigerator, which made it convenient. And then I heard about alkaline water and expensive machines. Everyone was talking about the benefits of alkaline water and I was intrigued. Unable to afford a machine, I began traveling to purchase my water from a store that sold alkaline water for $1/gallon. While at this store, which also sold machines, I began to learn about the drawbacks of Aquafina, Dasani, and Deer Park water. Having witnessed a ph test using these brands of water, I quickly realized how acidic this water was. The ph ranged between 4 and 7. This was incredibly disturbing because I knew how many people drink these brands on a daily basis. I was convinced that alkaline water was it. And persistently, I dug my heels in the ground and was determined to drink this water for the rest of my life. ;) During this time, I felt extremely hydrated and satisfied. Since I couldn’t drink my alkaline water from home when I traveled, I drank Fiji water, which is in my opinion the best commercial bottle water with a ph of 7.2. Drinking alkaline water lasted for about three years.

Recently, I’ve switched back to distilled water. Desiring to do extensive detoxification work in my kidneys, I did some reading from pioneers in the movement like Annette Larkins and Braggs. I’ve read other things related to water but I don’t have the links. The reading was fascinating. But yet, do a search on distilled water and decide for yourself. But I’ve noticed that I’m able to do a deeper detox with distilled water, particularly for the benefit of my kidneys. Additionally, I purchased a TDS EZ (total dissolved solvents) tester to check my water. This is a device used to test the quality of your water. Frankly, I discovered that my alkaline water and my tap water had the same amount of TDS, which meant that my body had to work hard to process and flush out what was in my kidneys plus what was in the water. This wasn’t good! Inorganic matter is a burden to the body and particularly the kidneys.

After discovering that inorganic matter was in my alkaline water, I bought a distiller called Waterwise. Feel free to consider buying one after researching the benefits based on your budget. Hopefully, I can give you an update on my experience in the coming months. When I tested the distilled water, the TDS reading was 0. This meant that no inorganic matter, which the body can’t recognize as helpful was zero. I was sold and now I drink it at home. When I travel, I’ll purchase a jug of distilled water in a toxic free jug or Fiji water.

I’m sharing all of this so that you can know my experience but also consider your plan for ensuring that the healthiest water makes its way into your body and cells. If you have any questions about my experience, leave them in the comment section. I’d love to help as much as I can.